Spring to Life serves people who want to grow in emotional well-being

CAN aims to connect people to activities, services and projects happening in their community or in their city, in order to support their well-being.

As Spring to Life’s version of Social Prescribing, within the scheme we may:

  • Connect and support people to access leisure activities in Birmingham.
  • Refer them to services such as those offering welfare and debt advise, other mental health projects, and initiatives supporting people to meet their basic needs.
  • Through our food growing and Mother gardens network, we connect people to green projects in their community.
  • Refer people inwards into Spring to Life’s provision of therapies.

We are utilising our networks to anchor people into their communities. In Birmingham there is a wealth of people and groups doing amazing work helping people in numerous ways. Spring to Life is continually expanding its network and awareness of what is going in the city.

Through CAN, we can complement the benefits that people have gained through taking part in Spring to Life therapies, by helping them address practical issues in their lives. This can be done by anchoring people into the wealth of opportunities existing in our communities.


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