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For our emotional well-being, we need healthy abilities in each of these 5 interdependent components:


Based on ancient Biblical scriptures and contemporary psychology, the SpIRAL is a comprehensive way of looking at the emotional health of any individual, group or community at work or play. From time to time, we all discover that some of these needs are not being met fully. Then we suffer symptoms of stress and our mental & emotional abilities are affected. By looking at the relative strengths in our own SpIRAL, we can decide which components to focus on to improve our well-being.

Useful for:

  • Assessing your emotional well-being, as an individual, a family, group or team
  • Becoming more self aware & discovering for yourself where to make changes
  • Keeping an eye on the Big Picture of your life
  • Developing a relationship with God
  • As a guide for us to ensure our work with you is complete and wholesome
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