Spring to Life serves people who want to grow in emotional well-being

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We believe that:

  • Success and fulfilment in life are rooted in personal and relational well-being, which is based on healthy growth in these five areas: spirituality, identity, responsibility, authority and relationships (see SpIRAL);
  • Everyone varies in position along a continuum of well-being, depending on their circumstances and their development within the five areas above;
  • With appropriate training and support, people of all ages and circumstances can learn to develop greater emotional literacy, and therefore experience improved well-being

As Christians we believe that:

  • Every human being has intrinsic worth, having been made by God in His image and He knows us completely;
  • We have been made for relationship with God and though our sin is a barrier to knowing Him, we can be reconciled to Him through repentance, receiving forgiveness and believing in the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection;
  • When restored to relationship with God, we receive a new identity as His children, and outwork gradually, throughout the Christian life, a process of gaining personal and relational well-being, for which the Bible gives instruction and the Holy Spirit empowerment.

The Christian principles on which Spring to Life is founded are:

  • Every human being is of equal value, with God-given personality and abilities;
  • Everyone has free will and is responsible for the choices they make;
  • God intends us to live in right relationship with one another and with our environment;
  • Everyone experiences imperfect relationships, because of personal and relational shortcomings;
  • The Bible gives instruction for right living, which includes teaching on repentance and forgiveness;
  • Developing personal and relational well-being may require changes in values, attitudes and behaviours.

The Directors of Spring to Life are committed to these beliefs and principles, and the staff are committed to or in sympathy with them also. All work to develop personal and relational well-being in their own lives and encourage this in the lives of others.

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