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The 3BEs are building blocks for healthy living based on natural patterns of brain activity for our survival and success. We train people in how to use the 3BEs to equip them with life-giving structures for their various situations. The 3BEs can apply to individuals, families, groups, teams & communities, from primary age through to adults. Easy to understand & remember, they can help pin-point where to focus and why.

Useful for:

  • providing ground rules for groups who are living, learning or working together
  • improving the way you think about & manage yourself
  • improving your relationships with other people
  • helping others in their relationships
  • team-building
  • finding the barriers to motivation and how to overcome them

BE SAFE! Safety in the environment & in relationships is essential. When you have become reactive to situations rather than responsive, you need to find out what’s gone wrong.

BE OK! Feelings are the experience of your emotions and paying attention to them is the next step for healthy living. You need to notice how you are feeling inside, as well as to others and learn how to handle any difficulties

BE GROWING AND LEARNING! Making sense of life is a growing & learning process. When the previous 2 steps are in place, you can reflect on what you are learning – checking that it is life-giving for everyone around you – and go on to use your abilities creatively & productively.

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