Spring to Life serves people who want to grow in emotional well-being

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We believe everyone desires to grow & be healthy.

We believe in you and demonstrate this by:

  • accepting that the real you is complex and sometimes hidden
  • recognising your unique way of learning and relating
  • noticing the difficulties you experience & not judging you
  • helping you discover your own life-giving solutions
  • accepting the way your circumstances have influenced you up to this point
  • starting from where you are now

We believe in our special approach:

  • celebrating the uniqueness of our clients in all their diversity, offering different approaches to suit different needs
  • being a unique mix of practitioners and sharing our professional disciplines within the team
  • using brain-friendly approaches that reflect the way humans have been created
  • offering ways of connecting with the natural world and experiencing its beneficial affects on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • combining principles based on longstanding truth with scientific research in a culture where we are bombarded by new approaches and “quick fixes”
  • developing our own clear and unique tools to help our clients build healthy foundations for well-being
  • being a Community Interest Company committed to making the benefits of private practice available to all kinds of people

We are useful for helping you (or your own clients/employees):


  • feel good about yourself
  • fight off depression & anxiety
  • have happier relationships
  • cope better with stress
  • relax
  • learn with greater ease
  • get more out of life
  • achieve your goals and dreams
  • build a happier future
  • be the best you can be
  • change direction
  • make good choices
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Please also refer to information on Spring to Life’s foundational values, and also the SpIRAL and the 3BEs, two tools designed by, and unique to, Spring to Life.

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