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Well-Being into Winter

well-being into winter programme posterFunded by Birchfield Big Local, Spring to Life has begun a well-being programme in Birchfield (Perry Barr), Birmingham.

Partnering up with Birchfield Big Local, we are running 12 sessions involving a wide range of approaches. The idea of it is to offer local people different therapies during Autumn and the first part of Winter.

Therapies include Art for well-being, Dance and Movement therapy, Mindful walk for well-being, African Drumming, Dru-Yoga, Bowen treatment, Stress management and Reading for Well-being.

We will also be running a series of sessions on ‘Tree of Life’. This is the latest addition to the list of therapies on offer within Spring to Life. Being run by our two experienced psychologists, it is an intervention used with children, young people and adults to help them identify their strengths and abilities, hopes and dreams, reconnect with their roots and relationships and think about the ‘storms of life’ from a position of strength.

If you are intersted in joining the programme, get in touch with us on 07856277028, or email felipe@springtolife.org.


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