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Well-being into Winter – Birchfield Programme

The collaboration between Spring to Life and the Birchfield Big Local group, saw the launch of the initial attempt to focus on the mental health of the local community from the Grosveor Road Studios, Birchfield. By delivering a 12 week programme called ‘Well Being into Winter’, it gave residents the opportunity to get a taste of a number of activities that would reduce social isolation in the colder months as well as take away health tips that could help with their well being.

Amongst the weekly sessions, participants engaged in art for wellbeing, dance/movement therapy, yoga, mindful walking, african drumming to name a few.

Here are of few testimonials from participants of the programme:

“I was pleased to know some alternative therapies was going to be on offer at Birchfield Big Local. I did the taster on the Tree of Life and was so excited as I was able to attend the three sessions… they really tugged on my unearthing who I truly am yet it grounded me too. Then the Bowen technique helped me understand another relaxation… well the art kept me tranquil leaving me uplifted by the new experiences… sad they come to an end but would support any of them being more permanent…they all come with high recommendations. Well done”

“Attending the wellbeing into winter sessions has been an enriching experience. The ‘course’ has helped me to find a local community of people to explore ways to support my well being, while we discovered our shared experiences and stories, especially in the Tree of Life sessions”.

The take up was well received and we hope to be able to replicate this programme in the same area in the coming year that supports the need for a creative space to meet new people, engage openly in a supportive and mentally stimulating way.




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