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When you become stressed your brain can go into survival mode and you can’t think clearly. This means your options are severely limited. It’s important to help your brain function normally again and to do this you need to de-stress.

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Body awareness relaxation

When we lead full, busy, even hectic lives we can easily neglect how our body is coping with all that busy-ness. Our mind is constantly working out the next move – the next best solution in our external world – forgetting that it is our body that will get us there and do the work. So… time for a change! It’s time to pay attention to your body and you will notice the benefits!

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Lessons from geese

People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are travelling on the thrust of one another.

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Simple yet miraculous parenting tips

These tips are intended to help the parents of babies and toddlers, but could also be of use to parents of older children.

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Traffic lights for handling feelings

Feelings carry valuable information – they connect to something that has happened, either now or in the past. Knowing the connection is most of the way to the solution.

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When family rules get broken, WISPAR to your children

When you follow these steps, you are managing the situation as well as you can. You do not need to shout or remain angry for long. Speak calmly and enjoy feeling in control of yourself. This will help your child to find their self-control too. Remember that there is no such thing as a Perfect Parent, but you CAN aim for and achieve being a Good Enough Parent.

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