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Textiles sessions with Freedom from Torture

For the last few months Gillian, our art for well-being therapist, has been running textile and embroidery sessions with clients from Freedom from Torture. This has been to produce work to commemorate the 10th anniversary of West Midlands Freedom from Torture.

Throughout the thoughtful and reflective sessions, themes of inner transition emerged around identity and belonging. There was a strong sense of celebration, appreciation and gratitude within the group and the aesthetics certainly had underlying links to finding peace within conflict, nature connection, difference, diversity and inclusion, as well as spirituality/connections with faith.

Here are are some testimonies from Freedom from Torture staff who were also present during the sessions:

“Thank you so much for leading this project and facilitating the five workshops. I too was astounded by the quality and quantity of the work produced”.

“The power and richness of the workshops, because of the knowledge you hold as an artist, was great to see and experience. Your skills, thought and preparation really came across and as a result fifteen of our service users engaged in the project within this short time – which is just amazing!”

“Your interaction with familiar faces from previous groups and other service users who were new to yourself and the centre was welcoming and warm in such a way that they knew they were in a safe place, and were able to experiment with new and old modes of expression. In addition, your confidence in the efficacy of complementary approaches made the project so successful”.

“I note that there were clients who participated in the group who, in individual sessions, have struggled to overcome avoidance in terms of their image making. The workshop setting that you created offered them a quiet and confidential space to be absorbed in the process in the presence of others, with the making facilitating self-regulation and increasing self-esteem. This shows how arts activity makes a difference, which will no doubt pave the way for ongoing social and well-being participation with a gained sense of possibility”.

“I thought that you gave just the right amount of direction, and the right amount of choice to stimulate interest. I would guess that all (me included) were introduced to a new skill/technique”.



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