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Spring to Life well-being provision across Birmingham

Over the last year, Spring to Life has been providing a range of well-being groups and therapies to different services across the city. This has been funded by IAPT (improving access to psychological therapies), an NHS scheme aimed at reducing anxiety and depression in our communities.

Spring to Life has enlisted new practitioners to expand its well-being provision, with the aim of addressing different elements that are key to psycho-emotional health. These elements relate to clusters of therapies, for us to then provide holistic well-being packages:

Body work: gentle gym, holistic massage, bowen massage.

Creative therapies: art therapy, african drumming, creative writing.

Talking therapies: counselling, reading for well-being, stress and anxiety management groups.

Project Greenheart (ecotherapy): horicultural therapy, nature walks.

We have been tailoring therapy packages to different client groups, offering both one-to-one therapy and groups. We have worked with a host of services working with people with mental health problems, refugees and migrants, people with brain injuries, women who are victims of domestic violence, people with learning disabilities, and the elderly.

Throughout this process we have solidified our partnerships with existing services, such as Midland Heart, and have developed new partnerships, such as with Creative Support, Hope Housing, Anawim, Birmingham Care Group, and Kinmos.

We expect to continue this project for the next year, working with IAPT, and raising well-being in Birmingham communities.

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