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Spring to Life improved IAPT counselling results

During 2019 Spring to Life again topped its rates of mental health recovery through our counselling service. During this year we conducted a study to explore our outcomes with counselling clients in Stirchley and Kings Norton. Our service here is done primarily in partnership with Kings Norton Surgery, where our counsellors are based and where referrals come through to Spring to Life. In these communities we have had a regular presence over the years, providing both counselling and community projects. In Kings Norton, the core focus has been particularly on the Three Estates area.

The clinical effectiveness outcomes were measured through the GAD5 and PHQ7 questionnaires, which look at anxiety and depression (respectively). Scores from these before and after therapy will provide a ‘Move to Recovery’ rating. Which means people following completion of therapy will score significantly lower for these than before therapy (below a threshold of 7 points for GAD5 and 9 for PHQ7).

Upon completion of treatment, 67% of all respondents showed a significant reduction in PHQ levels   and 71% of all clients showed a major reduction in GAD scores. The combined scores revealed that 62% of all respondents reached Move to Recovery exceeding the national average of 52.1%.

We believe that several factors have supported the excellent rate of improved recovery rates for clients. These include: therapists being value-based, experienced, committed and adaptive to client need. In addition to this, the excellent working alliance between the doctors surgeries and Spring to Life, seems to also help improve client experience.

Themes that arose for clients included: gaining insights, making positive changes in  their lives, having an increased capacity to cope with things, being better able to manage self, being more able to manage feelings, being able to cope with stress and anxiety, reduced panic attacks, and improved emotional health. Many clients reported having life changing experiences during therapy.

Our counselling service is delivered through support from the Living Well Consortium, and funded by IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies).

The Living Well Consortium is a West-Midlands consortium of organisations that support  individuals and groups to improve their mental health and psychological well-being through personal and community friendly interventions.



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