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Spring to Life client recovery outcomes

In the last few months Spring to Life has seen some positive results reflected in our ‘Move to Recovery’ figures. Much of this has been from the stirling work carried out by our counsellors in different parts of the city. The table below describes the ‘Move to Recovery’ rate for both people over 25 years of age – through the IAPT scheme (Improving Access to psychological Therapies), and for those aged between 18 and 25 – Forward Thinking Birmingham.

The government’s defined ‘Move to Recovery’, assesses improvements in mental health well-being in the community. These are percentages of clients we supported that have “recovered” from significant psychological distress. This means that, based on standardised outcome assessment, our clients’ distress (depression and anxiety) ratings had reduced from “mild/moderate/severe” to “normal” range.

Our IAPT and FTB work has been done through a contract with the Living Well Consortium, which we are part of. It has enabled Spring to Life to make many new links with services and community projects all over the city.

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