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Nature therapy programme for 11 to 13 year olds

In with the Trees

This summer and through the autumn to winter 2020 we are providing ‘restorative’ sessions for 11 – 13 year olds following any trauma they may have experienced due to Covid and lock down.

In with the Trees is part of a wider programme funded and supported by Living Well UK (0121 663 1217), where each child is allocated a therapist who designs a bespoke programme with and for the young person. Options for sessions include Sports, Writing for Well-being and Nature Therapy.

In with the Trees are our Spring to Life sessions run as one off sessions aimed at young people who would like to explore nature and together we will find out what we can learn from trees!

Trees grow from tiny seeds, into saplings, into young trees and finally into huge strong structures. They survive out in all weathers, seasons and withstand many conditions.

By attending the ‘In with the Trees’ session we will help the young person to consider their own qualities, identities and strengths which all contribute towards restoration and recovery.


In with the Trees – A Nature Therapy Session

Trees stand up in all weathers ‘come rain or shine’. We will meet the young people at the entrances of Highbury Park, Kings Heath, or Deers Leap Wood, Edgbaston, and take them on an experiential journey around a nature area. Taking time to reflect and notice the environment and compare ourselves to the qualities trees have.

We will notice nature’s patterns, search for things, make nature art, start a personal journal, learn to breath and relax, share stories around a camp circle. The young person can join in with as much as they feel able to.

If you want to know more call Philippa Allenby on 07967 119 839.


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