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Fruit and Nut Village is a project aiming to develop single locations within a city into connected food abundant spaces, by working with its local communities to develop a range of tree-based edible landscapes. We are starting with Fruit and Nut Village Stirchley, where we are working with Stirchley residents to establish orchards, nut groves, forest gardens (food forests), and edible hedges. The model also entails each Fruit and Nut Village having a Mother Garden, in order to support its communities with plants for the allocated sites.

In Stirchley the main allocated mother garden is Umberslade Nursery. Here we have newly grafted trees which are being raised until they are ready to be planted out in the community, fruit trees are heeled in until they have to be planted, and some choice plants are grown as mother plants, which can be propagated from at a later date.

A key element of the project is to connect individuals with their communities through food growing and use of local public green spaces. People can do this through the project or through connecting with the local groups we are working with.

Fruit and Nut Village is the next development from Food Forest Brum, which works in various locations around the city and in a geographically less concentrated form. Fruit and Nut Village is a partnership project between Food Forest Brum and Lets Grow Together.

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The first stage of the project is with a Heritage theme. Much of what we are initially planting and grafting are old heritage varieties of fruit and nut trees. Some are also species of edible trees with historical significance. As such, we are being funded by the Heritage Lottery.


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