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Freedom from Torture partnership

freedom from torture

The New Year of 2017 started with Spring to Life developing a contract to provide a well-being programme for the clients of Freedom from Torture.

Freedom from Torture are a national organisation offering clinical and emotional care to survivors of torture, as well working to protect and promote their rights. Following a pilot of well-being groups which we ran with its Birmingham group last year, they decided to team up with us this year to roll out an extended programme entitled ‘Freedom to Live’. This aims to engage people in meaningful and therapeutic activities within the community, as part of their healing journey.

Spring to Life will complement the psychological work that Freedom from Torture do with their clients, by offering our full range of creative therapies, eco-therapies, and body-based therapies. Groups we will deliver include, art for well-being, African drumming, nature walks, educational kinesiology, Indian head massage and hand massage, diet and nutrition guidance , drama for well-being, as well as a nature conservation project.

As part of our aim to support people in becoming more anchored into the community we also hope to signpost participants to other community projects we are working in as well as activities across our wider network. So far we have signposted Freedom from Torture clients to bike repair workshops and community gardening projects across Birmingham.


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