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First season at Cars area

Funded by Cars Area Together we delivered our first well-being programme at Auckland Hall, Cars Area, located in Smithswood. On Wednesday afternoons we ran regular mindfulness sessions, while on Saturday mornings we ran a mix of Creative therapies. This included Art, African drumming, Reading for Well-being, Dance and Movement therapy, as well as a session on Stress and anxiety management – leading up to Christmas!

The process of promoting  the programme in the local community has in itself proved highly beneficial, as we created good connections with people and groups in the area.

Here are a few comments by people who took part in the programme:

“In such a short period of time, I have found myself able to recognize the healing value and benefits of connection, especially with like-minded people. For the 1st time in years, I can see a positive future for myself, full of possibilities”.

“I have learnt a lot from each session facilitator and have enjoyed all my interactions with them, and have learned a lot about myself. I have also made contacts with other attendees outside of the sessions, which is great!”.

From a regular participant of our mindfulness sessions: “Make some time for you, this will be an hour well spent. You can leave calm, relaxed and refreshed – all you need to do is sit and breathe”.

We are very pleased to announced that due to the reception to this initial programme, our funding has been extended for the new year next September 2019. Because of the lower attendance on the Saturday sessions, both Mindfulness and the Creative therapies will be on weekdays. On the next stage of the Creative therapies programme, each month will be dedicated to a single therapy running over a few weeks. Details of these to be confirmed.



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