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Firsbrook, Wolverhampton Midland Heart Supported Housing Scheme

Firsbrook group harvest harvesting with hanging basketSpring to Life received a commission from Midland Heart Housing Association to provide weekly horticultural therapy sessions and develop a vegetable garden at one of their new services for supported housing in Wolverhampton.

mosaic pieces We have been delighted to engage their residents in sowing, planting, caring for and now harvesting food crops and flowers. They have harvested crops of  salad, beetroot, carrots, potatos, onions, green beans and have a lovely strawberry bed ready for next year.

We have also constructed a garden sculpture by recycling plates and other natural elements.  On 17th September we visited Sidney Nolan Trust Organic Farm and Art Centre. We enjoyed a warm welcome and wonderful countryside.  On 30th September we are taking the residents on a Project Greenheart  visit to Smestow Valley Local Nature Reserve which is a nearby nature conservation site. Spring to Life believes that growing plants and being in nature is a great way to calm the senses and soothe the mind.

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