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Community Anchoring Networks – CAN

CAN (Community Anchoring Networks) has recently been launched as a way to connect vulnerable people needing support during the Covid 19 crisis, to community projects and other services. It is being funded by the Living Well Consortium (Living Well UK).

CAN as a model was initially being developed as Spring to Life’s social prescribing initiative, connecting people to activities, services and projects in the city. We are now adapting this to link people to services and initiatives emerging as Coronavirus response work.

We have always been struck by the wealth of projects happening in Birmingham aimed to support people’s well-being in a myriad of ways. Yet alongside this we have also seen the issue of many people not knowing what is available. As a well-being organisation working across the city and in different settings Spring to Life has links with GP and mental health services, and with many vulnerable groups themselves through our therapeutic programmes. We are also part of a wide network of groups offering different therapies, and activities. In this position we are now pleased to have received funding from the Living Well Consortium to carry out this connecting work.

The current crisis is presenting a host of issues for people, specific to the conditions of this historic time. Some of these include: difficulties accessing food, domestic violence, stress around reduced income and loss of job as well as accessing benefits, loneliness, and an increase in mental health problems. We are developing a directory listing services supporting people with these issues, while also making use of other directories and portals offered by other organisations. Information from this will be made available to our clients and to other professionals.

To find out more, and to self refer or refer others to the project please contact us on 07856277028, or email felipe@springtolife.org. Please get in touch also if you have a project or group you wish to promote through our directory.


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